Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Winter has Arrived !!!

So Winter has finally arrived (yay) . One of my favourite season's. I love how you can layer your cardigans and scarf's to add depth and dimension to your outfit..Pretty fun i must say. I brought the green olive scarf from primark from a five quid . The pink/purple woven scarf  was from bricklane market for 2 quid what a bargain !! . I love how chunky and cosy it looks. Definately a Must have for this season. Also olive is a hot colour and is on trend at present.

Nicki Minaj Inspired Makeup

Hi ladies hope all is well with you. On sunday i was really feeling creative and wanted to try and create a fun , bright makeup look. Normally i only ever wear eyeliner and blush.. i love to express my self through Makeup and Photography. I'd say the outcome was successful. i selected use green and yellow with a undertone of greens. Hope you like this look. i dont think i will be ever daring to rock this on a normal day to day basis. maybe a party or a fancy dress :) aha.. Take care xo

Friday, 18 November 2011

Hello you =)

Hello Lovely's I just wanted to say a BIG welcome to my World of blogging and sharing Ideas, Tips and my Passion for life and Art. I hope you really do enjoy All my work. :). As you can see a photo of my Dream camera. Canon Eos cannot wait to purchase it and build my Photography Portfolio..I love to capture nature with my eye's but a Digital Camera always makes things more sufficient and Amazing. Cannot wait to show you all my Art work and drawings's of design's. I think you will be Discovering Alot about me insh'allah. Take care xo'